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Psychotropic drugs worth over Rs 12 Lakh seized by Chennai Air Customs



Chennai: Based on intelligence, Chennai Air Customs officials intercepted postal parcels suspected to contain psychotropic drugs that were bound for the US. On inspection, it was found that the parcels contained 3440 tablets of psychotropic drugs and they were seized under the NDPS Act, 1985.

The parcel contained 234 strips of Addwize 10mg (Methylphenidate), 50 strips of Lonazep 1 mg (Clonazepam), and 40 strips of Zolfresh 10 mg (Zolpidem). 2340 tablets of Methylphenidate, 600 tablets of Zolpidem, and 500 tablets of Clonazepam were recovered from them.

These drugs are psychotropic substances falling under Schedule ‘X’ & ‘H’ of Drug and Cosmetic Rule 1945 and are also covered under the NDPS Act, 1985. Schedule H drugs can be identified as the ones that contain an ‘Rx’ marking on the packaging, whereas the Schedule X drugs are labeled with ‘XRx’ on their packaging. Schedule X is the more potent variant that is used for treating certain medical conditions and it includes narcotic and psychotropic substances-based drugs.

Methylphenidate is a central nervous system stimulant and used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and narcolepsy. Zolpidem is a sedative, also called a hypnotic, and is used to treat Insomnia. Clonazepam, a type of anti-epileptic drug, is used to treat certain seizure disorders.

While these drugs are available mostly from pharmacies on producing a prescription from a registered medical practitioner, they are widely misused after being procured via different legal or illegal channels. While they have a specific medical use, it is a substance with high abuse potential.

The value of the drugs is fairly low when procured via the legal route, however, they have a very high street price in developed nations where they are harder to procure illegally, in large numbers.

It is said that the street price of the seized pills (total) could be up to USD 17,000 or Rs 12 lakhs.

Aman currently works as a blogger and also as a travel and lifestyle Vlogger. He is always interested in new challenges.

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Rajesh Bethireddy is the latest popular name in the fashion circle from telugu states



Rajesh Bethireddy


Fashion and trends have always been common points of discussion, however last decade can can be dedicated to men’s fashion as they have been able to shift the focus majorly which was only their on women’s fashion and trends. And this shift can be attributed to men’s fashion models and influencers. Although there are many young men out there who are either professional model or influencer but rarely are both. Meet Rajesh Bethireddy, 26, who is a model and fashion influencer. Rajesh Bethireddy is extremely occupied carrying both the professions with equal dedication.

Hyderabad based Rajesh Bethireddy is a software engineer by profession but he is also a successful model and fashion influencer. So far, Rajesh Bethireddy has worked with some brands and looking to act in TVCs for men’s lifestyle and fitness brands.

Rajesh Bethireddy turned fashion influencer in no time; right after he began his Instagram journey. Today, he enjoys more than 14,000 followers on his Instagram page, who hang on to his posts that dole out fashion advice. Besides, he also uses his Instagram account for popular brand collaborations like kolon natural,blendjet etc

Within 6 months of diversifying thus, Rajesh Bethireddy is already a darling in the Telugu states fashion circle. He believes that a ‘well-planned entry and a smart work’ are the two stepping stones to establish yourself into a cut-throat competitive business like this.
As for remuneration, apart from the monetary and exciting returns, Rajesh Bethireddy understands that “every moment is exciting when you turn your passion into profession.”

Well we wish him all the best for his future endorsements.

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Famous Football Player Cristiano Ronaldo Tested Positive for COVID-19



Cristiano Ronaldo

Famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo has been tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus. He will miss Portugal’s Nations League sport against Sweden on Wednesday.

Due to Cristiano been found positive, the remaining players of the Portugal squad also underwent tests this Tuesday morning. But all of the negative and would be available for the upcoming match against Sweden.

We pray for his speedy recovery.

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Thousands of people protesting over Kyrgyzstan election result



Kyrgyzstan Protest

Thousands of people are protesting in Kyrgyzstan over allegations of vote-buying and intimidation in Sunday’s parliamentary election. The capital Bishkek saw the largest protest while rallies were also held elsewhere in the ex-Soviet republic.

Only four parties out of 16 passed the 7% threshold for entry into parliament, three of which have close ties to President Sooronbai Jeenbekov. International monitors have said the claims of vote-buying are “credible”.

None of the established opposition parties got a seat in parliament. Now all of these parties have declared that they will not recognize the results of the election. Opposition candidates are calling on the Central Electoral Commission in Kyrgyzstan to cancel the results of the vote. One candidate, Ryskeldi Mombekov, told a crowd of more than 5,000 protesters: “The president promised to oversee honest elections. He didn’t keep his word.”

Mr. Mombekov’s party, Ata Meken, had been confident of entering parliament, but in the end, it was one of the eight parties that missed the threshold. Protesters are also calling on President Jeenbekov to resign. Thomas Boserup, head of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s election observation mission, said in a briefing that although the vote had been “generally well organized”, allegations of vote-buying were a “serious concern”.

The two leading parties, which got a quarter of the vote each, were Birimdik and Mekenim Kyrgyzstan. President Jeenbekov’s younger brother, Asylbek Jeenbekov, is in Birimdik.

Mekenim Kyrgyzstan, meanwhile, is seen as being closely connected to the powerful Matraimov family. The family’s figurehead, Rayimbek Matraimov, is believed to have helped finance Mr. Jeenbekov’s successful presidential campaign in 2017.

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