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Cases of Malaria, Diarrhoea spikes in Pune and Nagpur



Local weather plays a vital role in the spread of infectious and vector-borne diseases. A study by a team of experts in Pune has tracked and linked temperature and rainfall variations to the emergence of malaria and diarrhoea cases in Pune and Nagpur cities.

Led by A K Sahai from Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), the team tried to understand the role of these key weather parameters in the prevalence of malaria and diarrhoea and their spread, especially among children.

From over 3 lakh cases in 1996, India’s malaria cases had dropped to 34,000 in 2018. Similarly, deaths caused due to malaria in the country during the 1990s were above 1,000. However, in recent years, the mortality has been controlled and brought close to 100, as of 2018, stated data issued by the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP).

This year, the progressive cases of malaria (till July 28) have been the highest in Odisha (19,001), Chhattisgarh (18,933), Uttar Pradesh (4,667), Jharkhand (3,991) and Maharashtra (3,090), read NVBDCP statistics.

Monsoon is the transmission season for the majority of vector-borne diseases. But the Diurnal Temperature Range (DTR), which is the difference between the day’s maximum and minimum temperatures, is more crucial in the spread of diseases, co-author Dr Pradip Awate, state surveillance officer, Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme, Maharashtra, told The Indian Express.

Normally, the onset of the Southwest monsoon occurs first over Pune, around the middle of June and the season lasts till mid-October. Monsoon onset over Nagpur is realised towards the end of June and continues till September.

Apart from the onset and duration of monsoon in Pune and Nagpur, Dr Awate said the other major difference during this season was that “the weather is cooler in Pune during monsoon as opposed to dry weather conditions prevailing over Nagpur during this period. These variations also factor in the disease caseload from city to city.”

According to the study findings, Nagpur reports more malaria cases than Pune. Cases of malaria start to peak by July and continue to remain high till November in Nagpur. On the other hand, malaria cases in Pune start to emerge during the pre-monsoon season, that is, from May onwards. A sustained number of cases through the four-month rainy season are reported in the city, the researchers found.

Experts traced a higher number of diarrhoea cases being reported in Pune than Nagpur. The case trended during all the four monsoon months in Pune, whereas, caseload grew post July in Nagpur.

“What we understand is that even minor variations in temperature or rainfall over a short period of time combined with the city’s geography contributes to the spread of diseases,” said Sahai, who presently leads the country’s Monsoon Mission team at IITM.

Experts from the India Meteorological Department (IMD) and Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), who were also part of the study published on Tuesday in the Scientific Reports of Nature, used health and climatological data between 2009 and 2016 for the two cities in Maharashtra.

On the applications of the study findings, the senior IITM scientist said, “Every city has a different geography and climatic conditions. If we are able to combine the climate and health data, it is possible to issue probabilistic health indicator forecasts for Indian cities at least two weeks in advance.”

On the biggest advantage of having an early disease outbreak warning, the Awate said it would allow the government time to arrange adequate medical supplies in addition to the required planning needed to tackle the diseases well in advance.

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Bharat Ratna awardee and true gem Lata Mangeshkar Ji is no more



late Lata Mangeshkar Ji

The nightingale of the music industry, Lata Mangeshkar Ji passed away on February 6 at the age of 92 in the Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai. She was born on September 29, 1929. Very few singers have achieved the admiration that she did in her life.

She sang thousands of songs in more than 20 different languages. Not only in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan, she was also admired and praised in western countries.

PM Modi was among the first ones to share the sad news. “The kind and caring Lata Didi has left us. She leaves a void in our nation that cannot be filled. The coming generations will remember her as a stalwart of Indian culture, whose melodious voice had an unparalleled ability to mesmerise people,” he tweeted.

Apart from Bharat Ratna, she received numerous honors like the Daughter of the Nation award, the Legion of Honour award from the French government, and many more. Lata Mangeshkar truly was a gift that India will never cease cherishing.

We at Giveupnot pay our heartly tributes to her and wish that “unki aatma ko sadgati prapt ho”, OM SHANTI.

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A man in New Zealand finds insects in his Domino’s pizza




A man in West Auckland, New Zealand says he was left feeling sick after allegedly discovering maggots (insects larva) on his takeaway pizza order from Domino’s.  However, the Domino’s Pizza outlet where Reginald Thalari says he bought the pizza denied the claim.

On Tuesday afternoon, Thalari purchased four pizzas from Domino’s Pizza outlet in Avondale for his employees. But it was after they had eaten a few slices that Thalari alleges they made a stomach-churning discovery.

“It was disgusting. We ordered four pizzas but when we opened the box with pepperoni we saw maggots on the ham.  I felt like spewing, to be honest. If someone says would you like some pizza I think I’ll turn them down next time.”

However, a Domino’s spokesperson said that it is extremely unlikely maggots would have been in store pre-purchase and said it would be “impossible” for eggs to survive the temperature of their ovens.

“Domino’s takes food health and safety extremely seriously, and ensures these standards are upheld through regular audits and inspections of stores throughout the year,” the spokesperson said.

The Domino’s Pizza spokeswoman further said that “Upon learning of this customer’s experience, we contacted the customer directly and have organised a deep clean of the store, as well as for our pest control company to further inspect,”

Input: NZHerald

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Social Media

Singer Shobhit Sahay won hearts with his song ‘Mehrbaan Alvida’



Shobhit Sahay

Music can evoke many emotions in you. Songs help you express feelings for which you can’t find words. Singers play a key role in giving that effect to a song with their beautiful voices. In a country like India, many young singers are leaving people impressed with their impeccable talent. Shobhit Sahay from Muzaffarpur is one such talented singer/vocalist who is here to rule hearts.

Currently, Shobhit Sahay is grabbing headlines and making people fall in love with his song ‘Mehrbaan Alvida’. His melodious voice has elevated the song’s mood along with the catchy music. The song is trending on the internet and has crossed more than 100K views recently. Shobhit is over the moon with such a positive response to his latest release.

Along with being a good singer, Shobhit Sahay is also popular among the netizens as a social media influencer. Shobhit has thousands of followers on his Instagram account, where he shares videos covering various tracks. A few months ago, legendary singer Stebin Ben praised Shobhit for his amazing vocal skills. Shobhit also runs a YouTube channel where people can’t get enough of his talent and music skills.

Shobhit Sahay with Stebin Ben

Shobhit Sahay with Stebin Ben

Shobhit shares about his journey and love for music, “I have been into music since childhood. I used to listen to singers like Arijit Singh, Stebin Ben, Jubin Nautiyal and others. They captivate your mind with their soulful voice. They made me believe in my dreams and I am happy that people enjoy my work, especially my latest songs. I hope I keep making more original songs and people keep showering me with such good love.”

Thanks to the success of Mehrbaan Alvida, singer Shobhit Sahay has got the attention of many top Bollywood composers. Currently, various music composers have approached his to sing either for a movie or web show. Shobhit is excited about the way his singing career is shaping. Soon, he will announce his new project on social media.

About the enormous love and appreciation she receives on social media, the singer expresses, “I am incredibly amazed by the support and fondness of my Instagram followers. Their constant comments, appreciation, likes, and sharing of my content is what made me so strong in the world of social media. Deeply overwhelmed with the response. I hope I keep giving my best and make my followers and music lovers happy.”

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