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21 May 2021 – 21st Day in the 21st week of 21st Year of the 21st Century



Imagine yourself in a world where everything is similar. A world where nothing is unique. Can you?

Can we really appreciate things if nothing is distinctive? The answer to this question is a big NO. But hopefully, this is not the case with us. The world where we exist is unique, our planet Earth is unique. In fact, we ourselves are also unique, every day, hour, minute, even every second is unique in itself as time stops for nil. It goes on and on and interestingly we have got only one life to live.

As I already said, time never stops/ So here we go again with another unique date 21052021 or the 21st of May 2021. If you had magically somehow come across my article about 10102020, then I think you already know what I am talking about.

Yes, you’re right, the power of observation and uniqueness that we all have. Let’s try out.

There are uncountable living and non-living things around us right now. But usually, we never see them or I say, we never observe them. Just look around you right now while you are reading this. What do you see?

Probably what you see is furniture, a window or a door, or a painting maybe, if you are inside your house or any building. But if you were outside while reading this, you must have seen vehicles, trees, birds, or a lion perhaps, if you were in a jungle or zoo.

But let me ask you a question, apart from seeing, have you observed anything? Anything special?

If yes, then great, but if your answer is no, then let me tell you that you are missing an eternity, you are missing the beauty that nature offers. Besides we ourselves are also the gift of mother nature. The life that we all are living is a priceless gift to us. But we are the ones to decide how to utilize this precious offering.

Now you might ask what’s the value if we are gifted to ourselves But observe. You’ll find the answer yourself. Or you can read below.

‘Utilization’ is the answer. Utilization in such a manner that we can make the most out of our time. We all are bound in the cycle of time. Because there will be a day when we all will become memories for the rest of the world. So it is in our hands to leave such kind memories, that shall be remembered forever, that the world can get inspiration from. Above all, we are the ones to decide how to use the gift. Or in easy words, to find the meaning and decide the goal of our life.

Observation is what it takes to find the meaning of life, a superior meaning, a superior way of living. By ‘superior way of living’, I don’t mean an expensive and luxurious lifestyle. All I mean is to live the life to fullest. Because life is like a Litchi(fruit). If it offers sorrow then it also has happiness hidden inside. If life gives obstacles then it also has a solution to it hidden inside somewhere. It is our way of observing and reacting that makes the difference.

That’s why there is a simple term – ‘Be Positive’, that means no matter how unpleasant the situation is, we must try to find the part of happiness and positivity hidden inside somewhere. That’s the mantra of a happy and successful life.

Now coming to our topic 21 May 2021 – The 21st Day in 21st week of 21st Year of the 21st Century so it is as unique as you are. Just like this day, every single moment that passes with time is never gonna come back. So ‘Be authentic because you are already unique’. and GIVEUPNOT.

Hi guys, I'm Aman Sahay. My dream is to explore each and every corner of this planet, and I'm passionate about it. Must check out my YouTube Channel: Trekker Aman. All I want to say is - "Be Authentic Because You Are Already Unique".



  1. Fred

    May 22, 2021 at 2:02 am

    Wrong! 21st week is next week!

  2. Aman Sahay

    May 22, 2021 at 3:20 am

    Jan 1 and Jan 2 shares the first week of 2021 with Dec 2020. So in that way, 21st May lies in the 21st week of 2021.😊

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  4. Bruce Fraser

    May 22, 2021 at 8:28 pm

    21st of the week? That’s an awful long week!

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22022022 – 22 February 2022, a special date, twosday, a palindrome, an ambigram,



22022022 - 22 February 2022
22022022 - 22 February 2022

The date 22022022 or 22 February 2022 is very rare and it’s a wait of eight years until the next one. Today’s date is very unique because it is not just a palindrome but it is an ambigram as well. Many people are also calling it ‘Twosday’ because the date falls on Tuesday.

22 February 2022 or 22022022 is a palindrome because it can be read the same way on either side and an ambigram as well because it can be read the same upside down. But you may think what’s so special and unique about this 22022022 date then there’s a lot.

Apart from these specialties the date 22022022 or 220222 is rare also because of its never coming back nature. Now you may think that non of the dates come again once they pass. I agree! but let me tell you that not each and every day has a lot of uniqueness in it. But after all, it is us who can make anything unique by our deeds and power of observation.

22022022 - 22 February 2022

22022022 – 22 February 2022

Also Read Special Observation – Full of Vibes Related To Your Life

If we think that only these palindromic and ambigrams dates are special then we are missing a lot. Because if you carefully think then you’ll observe that each and every passing date even every passing second has something unique in it for us. We just have to recognise that uniqueness and make the most out of those moments. Because they’ll also never come back again in our lives.

So to make something out of time, we should learn to value what and who we have got and should enjoy every moment as a fresh start. Because every passing moment is indeed a fresh start for us so we can leave all the negativity behind and start a journey full of positivity and cheerfulness.

At last, all I would say is the date 22022022 can pass but the vibe it offers can ameliorate us. So wait, observe and grow. Because as we all know, “Time and tide wait for none”.

Hope you liked the article. If you have any views or suggestions, please comment down below and do follow me on:


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The benefits and importance of Yoga, especially for office workers



yoga pose
Importance of Yoga, especially for office workers

Let us begin with a brief explanation of what Yoga is and then we’ll discuss the benefits and importance of Yoga for office workers. Yoga is a mind and body practice, it is a very efficient kind of exercise at its most basic level. It entails stretching the body into static positions and holding them, which is an excellent way to improve blood flow and circulation via the body’s different choke spots.

Yoga and work employees aren’t often associated, but they should be. Working in an office generally entails workers spending a lot of time crouched over a keyboard and seated on a chair. It might also be a situation where there is a lot of tension and few ways to relieve it. In this post, we’ll look at why these things are detrimental to your health in general and how Yoga may assist.

Yoga additionally emphasises proper breathing patterns, which help your body to obtain the greatest benefit from each breath of air we take. Expanding on this, we take care to clear our minds when practising Yoga, and the farther one progresses in the discipline, the more focused and peaceful they will become. Have you ever advised someone to take a deep breath to help them relax? It’s the same idea with Yoga.

Yoga Aasans

Yoga Aasans

But, how does all of this benefit our office employees? In most cases, a workplace setting is neither relaxing nor conducive to good health. Most office workers will spend most of their day seated and gazing at a computer screen, slumped over papers, or typing. A lot of stress builds up in the back and shoulders as a result of this. Long periods of sitting deprive the legs of a source of new blood.

In an office setting, yoga challenges the body to move in ways it would not normally do. This can be a highly efficient method of removing choke spots and restoring normal circulation. The blood transports vital quantities of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, and the organs cannot function effectively without them. The more our organs are starved, the worse we get, therefore increasing blood flow to those places that are lacking it is clearly a top health concern.

Exactly do you know that stress causes or exacerbates the majority of diseases? This is real, and it’s a far bigger issue than most people realise. This is much more true in the workplace. Deadlines, continual activity, and the desire to always be on the go are all major contributors to rising stress levels.

Consider pausing for a moment. Forget about all of the things you need to accomplish in the next week. Forget about your rent and the assignment you need to do. Put your boss and family aside and focus only on one thing. Breathing. Yoga is a mental as well as a physical discipline that teaches you to clear your mind and concentrate on the task at hand. While the physical advantages of Yoga are undeniable, the emotional benefits may be genuinely life-changing. People who practise Yoga are better at dealing with stress and can relax and centre themselves when there is chaos all around them.

When you feel that these advantages will make your life simpler, you have it about yourself to begin studying Yoga right away.

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26 January 2022: Happy 73rd Republic Day India



Indian Republic Day 26 January

January 26, 2022, marks the 73rd Republic Day for India. The Indian Constitution came into effect on January 26, 1950, and India became a sovereign state.

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