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Special Date 12122020 - 12 December 2020 Special Date 12122020 - 12 December 2020


12122020 – Just a Date, Number or Something is Special About This Day?



12122020, seems like an eight-digit number with nothing special in it. But if you look from another perspective, it is much more than the 12th day of December 2020. Having said that, let’s see if it’s just a random date or something special.

Everybody has their own perspective of seeing things. But only a few of them observe things in a different way. A way that makes them stand out from the crowd of normal people. And that’s the way of uniqueness. Such people have the ability to understand things in a manner that others don’t. In other words, they are called god gifted.

Pardon me if I say that everybody including you is god gifted because everybody really is. Every creature on this Earth, be it human beings, animals, insects, even trees is as special as this date 12122020. A date that has so much hidden inside.

Now, you might be thinking what’s so special about 12122020, how can it be anything else than a normal date of a regular month? But you see, 12122020 means 12th of December 2020, the date has its own uniqueness because once it passes it will never come back. So every hour, every minute, every second is as unique and valuable as you. Not only 12122020 but every passing day possesses something special in it for us. We just need to find out and grab the good that it has to offer.

Special Date 12122020 - 12 December 2020

Special Date 12122020 – 12 December 2020

It’s very usual to find something good or bad in others but what really worth is finding out and highlighting the good in one’s self. This will not only make us a better person but will also help us find a ray of hope even in the worst scenarios. Because there’s both happiness and sorrow in every moment of life. It’s up to us that we choose to mourn or be positive and find the good out of it.

Someone said it very well-“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and enjoy it”. This means, no matter how bad the current situation of your life is, it will eventually pass. That’s the magic of time. The time that never stops and never always stays the same. And so the life, because once a moment of your life passes, you’re never gonna get that again. So better you squeeze every positivity out of it, not just for yourself but for everyone creature around you.

Believe it or not, but each and everything on this planet has an invisible connection with each other. Invisible but so powerful that no one has the power to dodge it. Yes, you got it right, the connection of KARMA. The word Karma has been derived from an ancient language ‘Sanskrit’ and is originally pronounced as kɑːrm which means work or deed.

Now, you must be thinking about what’s common in Goodness and Karma. There is nothing common. Karma is nothing about good or bad, it’s straight and simple., – ‘What you sow is what you ripe’. And the law of Karma also applies to self. Because if you stay positive, be virtuous then good will follow you wherever you go. I’ll cover more about Karma in some other article, till then 12122020 is the time for you to pivot.

So at last all I have to say is identify your true worth, and be gracious to it. Because WHEN TIME IS GONE, EVERYTHING IS GONE.

Hope this article motivated or helped you somehow. If so then do share this article with your loved ones. Till then giveupnot.

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Hi guys, I'm Aman Sahay. My dream is to explore each and every corner of this planet, and I'm passionate about it. Must check out my YouTube Channel: Trekker Aman. All I want to say is - "Be Authentic Because You Are Already Unique".

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221221 – Unique and special date with extraordinary traits



221221 - 22122021 (22 December 2021)

Can we really appreciate anything if everything around us is similar and repetitive? The answer is NO. Just like that, the date 221221 or you can say 22122021 (22 December 2021) is also unique. Unique because it has so much for us and it is never going to come back again in our lives. Apart from philosophical things, the winter solstice also takes place on 221221 in the Northern Hemisphere and marks the beginning of the winter season.

The world where we live is unique. In fact, each of us is unique, because we have got only one life to live, to explore, to observe, and once we fade away there is no coming back. So the thing is if we are unique, every passing second is unique, then shouldn’t we think about getting the most of joy, happiness, or simply saying, life out of every millisecond of time. But how?

Life isn’t about just getting rich, getting married, having children. It is way-way more than that. If you haven’t observed it yet then let me tell you that everything around us is interlinked in a way or another. And this connection can’t always be seen but can be felt everywhere. The connection that is called energy or vibes. This time I’ll not give you an example. I’ll request you to crawl your brilliant mind and use the power of imagination and observation.

If you calmed yourself and observed carefully then you’ll see that even a little change to the smallest things can make great differences in our lives. And as I mentioned earlier that everything is connected with each other with vibes. By everything, I not only meant things but for us also. In fact, we human beings, animals, birds, insects or any other living creatures on mother Earth are also connected.

221221 - 22122021 (22 December 2021)

221221 (22 December 2021) – Unique and special date with extraordinary traits

There is a term in the Sanskrit language called Karma (actions) in Indian religion and philosophy that signifies the universal cosmic law by which good or bad actions determine the future modes of an individual’s existence. And you must be wondering that how it is related to the date 221221 (22122021) and what’s special about it.

In simple words, if someone helps others or do something good in general also, the intention and action of doing good radiate positive vibes that creates an atmosphere of happiness and positivity all around. This positive energy not only affects the other person but the one doing good and others present there. That’s the reason we are told not just to be good but also to be in the fellowship of good.

Because as I mentioned earlier everything around us is related in a way or another. Not to mention, time also has the same level of importance as Karma. Because it stops for nothing. So the title 221221 or 22122021 (22 December 2021) was just an excuse for something real and valuable. That’s all for now. and may the new year 2022 bring all the prosperity and happiness to you.

Hope you liked the article. If you have any views or suggestions, please comment down below and do follow me on:


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11102021 – Something that resembles the small yet valuable aspects of your life



10112021 Valuable aspects of happy life

The date 11102021 or 11th of October 2021 is as unique as our lives. Once the date passes, it will never come again. Not just 11102021 but every day, hour, minute, even every second is that passes never comes back in our lives as time stops for nothing. So 11102021 is also something that resembles the small yet valuable aspects of our lives.

Taking about the date, 11102021, if you observe carefully then you’ll get those small additions that make something big, something unique. Like when 11 (day) and 10 (month) is added, it gives 21 (21st year of the 21st century). Similarly, small moments of life can together make a big difference. The difference that can make our lives happy and joyful. We just need to do something that most of us don’t even consider part of our lives.

Yes, I am talking about observing those tiny special bits of time that add up to make a complete life. A life that is precious and unique because we get it only once and it’s up to us to live it to the fullest by enjoying every bit of it. you see, nothing in this world is permanent. Everything that has come will eventually go, leaving its trail behind. But what stays forever are the memories for upcoming generations.

Now you must be thinking, how can we observe each and every minute of our lives in our day to day busy life and hectic schedule. But, let me tell you that life only seems hard when we focus on negative things. As we all know, each and everything present on this Earth has its negative and positive aspects but it is us who shape our life either negatively or positively.

If you don’t believe it then take a moment and roll yourself back to your childhood memories when you were nine or maybe eleven. It was the time when most of us used to enjoy our lives without any tension. Was it because we had no job pressure or family responsibilities. NO! It was because we were at the age when we didn’t know much about negativity, so we didn’t care. All of these means that mostly we ourselves are responsible for the tensions and sorrows.

So if you are wondering what to do about it then you must have already got the answer. Yes, observing those tiny special bits of time but in a positive manner. Finding out positivity in everything that happens and realising the real ‘yourself’ by enjoying what you do or doing what you enjoy.

But if you are mad at me now because of the long lecture in the name of 11102021. I am happy because you read it till here. You see – ‘the positive aspect of someone being mad at you‘ 🙂. I hope you got the message.

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21 May 2021 – 21st Day in the 21st week of 21st Year of the 21st Century



Imagine yourself in a world where everything is similar. A world where nothing is unique. Can you?

Can we really appreciate things if nothing is distinctive? The answer to this question is a big NO. But hopefully, this is not the case with us. The world where we exist is unique, our planet Earth is unique. In fact, we ourselves are also unique, every day, hour, minute, even every second is unique in itself as time stops for nil. It goes on and on and interestingly we have got only one life to live.

As I already said, time never stops/ So here we go again with another unique date 21052021 or the 21st of May 2021. If you had magically somehow come across my article about 10102020, then I think you already know what I am talking about.

Yes, you’re right, the power of observation and uniqueness that we all have. Let’s try out.

There are uncountable living and non-living things around us right now. But usually, we never see them or I say, we never observe them. Just look around you right now while you are reading this. What do you see?

Probably what you see is furniture, a window or a door, or a painting maybe, if you are inside your house or any building. But if you were outside while reading this, you must have seen vehicles, trees, birds, or a lion perhaps, if you were in a jungle or zoo.

But let me ask you a question, apart from seeing, have you observed anything? Anything special?

If yes, then great, but if your answer is no, then let me tell you that you are missing an eternity, you are missing the beauty that nature offers. Besides we ourselves are also the gift of mother nature. The life that we all are living is a priceless gift to us. But we are the ones to decide how to utilize this precious offering.

Now you might ask what’s the value if we are gifted to ourselves But observe. You’ll find the answer yourself. Or you can read below.

‘Utilization’ is the answer. Utilization in such a manner that we can make the most out of our time. We all are bound in the cycle of time. Because there will be a day when we all will become memories for the rest of the world. So it is in our hands to leave such kind memories, that shall be remembered forever, that the world can get inspiration from. Above all, we are the ones to decide how to use the gift. Or in easy words, to find the meaning and decide the goal of our life.

Observation is what it takes to find the meaning of life, a superior meaning, a superior way of living. By ‘superior way of living’, I don’t mean an expensive and luxurious lifestyle. All I mean is to live the life to fullest. Because life is like a Litchi(fruit). If it offers sorrow then it also has happiness hidden inside. If life gives obstacles then it also has a solution to it hidden inside somewhere. It is our way of observing and reacting that makes the difference.

That’s why there is a simple term – ‘Be Positive’, that means no matter how unpleasant the situation is, we must try to find the part of happiness and positivity hidden inside somewhere. That’s the mantra of a happy and successful life.

Now coming to our topic 21 May 2021 – The 21st Day in 21st week of 21st Year of the 21st Century so it is as unique as you are. Just like this day, every single moment that passes with time is never gonna come back. So ‘Be authentic because you are already unique’. and GIVEUPNOT.

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