12 brands of Pan Masala banned in Bihar

BIHAR: Nitish Kumar government banned 12 brands of pan masala containing magnesium carbonate. 20 samples of pan masala were collected from nine districts by food safety officers and the presence of magnesium carbonate was found in all the samples.

The brands which were examined by the food and safety department were Rajnigandha Pan Masala, Raj Niwas Pan Masala, Supreme Pan Masala, Pan Parag Pan Masala, Bahar Pan Masala, Bahubali Pan Masala, Rajshree Pan Masala, Raunak Pan Masala, Signature Pan Masala, Kamala Pasand Pan Masala, Madhu Pan Masala.

Due to the ill-effects of chewing pan masala, the government has decided to ban it in the larger interest of people. The ban on pan masala is on its sale, storage, transport, and consumption for a period of one year from today.

On the basis of studies, it has been found that the consumption of magnesium carbonate for a long period of time can cause serious diseases in humans such as cardiac arrest, acute hyper magnesia, etc.

Anyone found violating the ban will face strict action and may also have to pay a fine.

said Deepak Kumar, Bihar’s chief secretary.

The Nitish government had earlier imposed a ban on the manufacture, sale, distribution, and storage of gutka and all its variants.

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